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Carafino Transparent Boat Hulls offer an unmatched experience for visitors to explore and enjoy the beauty of the underwater environment. Our boats are designed for maximum visibility and stability, and are constructed with the highest quality materials for ultimate durability. With Carafino, you can be sure to take in the sights of the sea like never before. Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Carafino Transparent Boat Hulls.


Respectfully Yours,
I am ,
C M Carafino

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Founder / Innovator / Principle

I am an innovator who has devoted my life to creating solutions to problems on a global and domestic scale. Permanent practical solutions that add value to various operations. However, I always keep returning to aquatics and aquatic equipment development, because I am really good at it. I love the ocean, white sands, blue clear waters, surf, sea and sun... and I appreciate people who value the same.

I love the beach and all it offers in keeping me young and happy. The ocean is my  church and playground since a child.


I have garnered my seamanship experience as a boat captain in Hawaii, the apex of watermen training grounds. I am a USCG Licensed 100 Ton Master Near Coastal of Aux Sail vessels since 1991, out of Honolulu Hawaii, with additional civilian and military recognized endorsements. I am an avid catamaran sailor, kitesurfer, big wave surfer and free spirit.


I invented the discipline of hydrofoil kiteboarding and hydrofoil kitesurfing on Maui in 1999, because I wanted to out of passion for sharing the experience. Delivering the first production hydrofoil boards to the market  in 2000. Currently, all of the leading brand name foilboards on the market today have  incorporated numerous Carafino design aspects from the original Carafino hydrofoil board products I innovated twenty years ago. Maui is historically the epic-center of wind sport innovations. The sport of Wind Surfing, Hydrofoil Boarding, Kite Surfing and Big Wave Tow In Surfing, to name a few, were born out of Haiku, Maui and I have been a part of the innovation.


The tourism field of business in making guests (tourists)  experience the true Aloha Hawaiian Spirit of feeling the warmth of being welcomed and providing Hawaiian Tropic memories that will last a lifetime, is a quality that is second nature for me from my time working as a Waikiki Beach Boy.  From surfing the biggest waves in Hawaii and the longest waves the world offers, to traveling the globe and experiencing the many oceans and seas of our great planet. I know how important it is to have professionally tailored equipment. Equipment you can trust and confidently know the performance to be professional. I know the importance of utilizing that equipment as the responsible in charge for the safety and lives of others.


I have decades of experience in water sport product design and manufacturing and as a result of those qualities, I know what works. I have lived and worked in China for over 15 years, exporting my products and building relationships all over the world,  specifically experienced in all aspects of production line manufacturing and logistics. Everything I have produced is designed around the quality demands of Hawaiian waters, the playground of great watermen.


After water sports product design, I began to innovate solutions for U. S. Foreign Allies overseas. in 2016. Delivering cost saving permanent solutions for various branches of the military in maritime and the oil and gas sectors for domestic and environmental security. But my passion for peace and the ocean brings me back to my fountain of youth, the beach and water sports.


Currently I am in the process of orchestrating the completion of a fabrication production line to deliver to the world the finest Carafino Clear Boats, designed to suit the safety, comfort and operational practicality that surpasses any other clear boat on the market.  Three models are progressing, beginning in size of 18' for six to ten passengers, designed as an entry level budget minded turn key complete package. Priced in the mid upper five figure range. Our second model is 24' for 12 to 18 passengers. Priced in the upper five figure range and our largest model of the fleet will be 30' for 24 passengers with 200 Hp outboard. Priced just over the six figure range and designed for near shore coastal sightseeing operations.


My team and I are working to accelerate our boats availability to the market for  early 2024 but we are  working even harder to have the new enhanced hull designs  quality control tested for the market by Nov/Dec. 2023.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about me and how I may be able to provide you a product that delivers winning results, contact me directly. Please do so,  I am not always with the phone and prefer you can email me at my personal email, carafinocarafino at the gmail. to arrange a telephone call, or at info@ carafino dot com.

I love what I do and do what I love and so should you.


Aloha Nui Loa.- CARAFINO

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