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Mission Statement to our Clients 


On and thereafter August 16, 2023 Regional Exclusivity Agreements will require the purchase of 3 or more vessels.

All purchase quotes valid for 30 days from date of quote and thereafter are subject to change.

The Exclusivity Agreement shall be outlined in a contractual agreement associated with the sale purchase. In exchange for the purchase of two Carafino Clear Boats the exclusivity is triggered, granting the Buyer regional protection, from any competing entities, within his/her market space, from purchasing any Carafino Clear Boats, for the term of five years, from the date of the initial order and deposit received. Any inquires for the purchase of Carafino Clear Boats by a second party, originating from, or for the region under exclusive agreement, shall be directed to the attention of the exclusivity holder for evaluation how to proceed.

Carafino Clear Boats are designed and constructed to meet or exceed United States Coast Guard Safety Standards for near shore sightseeing commercial passenger carrying operations. The vessel will be furnished with a unique hull identification number in compliance with Federal Code of Regulations 33 CFR § 181.23. The vessel shall be in compliance with all United States Coast Guard regulations for stability and construction.

carafino clear boats
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