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Mango Carafino is the founder of incredible innovations, beginning with the Hydrofoil Kite Board. His dedication and work  created the discipline of sport known first as "Foilboarding"  and shortly after, "Hydrofoil Kite Boarding" in the year 1999. A decade later  his innovation became an Olympic category of competitive high performance sailing where athlete's ride upon an underwater airplane style contraption that elevates the rider above the water's surface to experience the angelic sensation of flying as fast as they can sail.

Mango Carafino years of perseverance with the Hydrofoil Board finally inspired the multimillion dollar industry of kitesurfing to embrace and incorporate his innovation in 2014. Today the Carafino Kiteboard and many of its original signature designs and innovation have been incorporated into major brand names in the Kitesurfing industry. All of which can be seen at the beaches and upon the lakes of the world where hydrofoil kitesurfing is taking place.

In 2015, Carafino departed the saturated and highly competitive market of hydrofoil boards and went on to innovate solutions for military applications benefitting various branches of government in several countries throughout the Mid East. Supporting law enforcement and military efforts to achieve greater dominance in training and security. Designing futuristic concepts that eliminate critical and fatal injury to law enforcement officer's in the field.


However, Mangos true passion and love for the ocean and all that mother nature has to offer, particularly surfing the biggest and most perfect waves in the world,  has brought his efforts and directed his focus and creativity to fabricating never before imagined clear hull boats. No matter what you undertake to do, equipment is everything. 

Carafino Clear Boats innovate a new industry within the industry of luxury maritime tourism equipment. The Carafino Clear Boat provides everyone, no matter their age or ability, the opportunity to see the underwater world of nature through the looking glass of a transparent boat hull. 

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