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Old & Existing Design

The existing Clear Boat Hull designs on the market were never developed with the intention of passengers entering the water and reentering the boat from the water. As the demand for expanding the current clear boats on the market into a "snorkel excursion" boat was realized. it presented a huge liability to the safe operation of guests re-boarding the vessel while at anchor.


A layman solution was developed by constructing a boarding ladder that locks into the overhead canopy and hangs off the side of the boat. The concept was to allow guests to climb out of the water, into the boat at the middle of the boat. However, this concept has not been successful and many guests have slipped their leg or body through the step and between the ladder and the boat, causing injury. This maybe perhaps why no public video footage can be found of passengers re-entering the boat from the water.


Carafino 2024 has solved this liability by designing a small swim platform at the transom of the 2024 Carafino Clear Boats, permitting guests a safer and easier method of re-boarding the vessel from the water.

Screen Shot 2023-09-14 at 10.53.52.png

2024 Carafino New Hull Shape Design in three lengths.

CarafinoClear Boats

For proprietary reasons the new 2024 Carafino Clear Boat safe boarding platform is not fully disclosed here, however, the concept is revealed to assure out clients that the importance of  operational practicality are methodically thought out in all our design approaches.


Safety first, return on investment second. Our goal is your success.

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