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Terms & Conditions

Turn Key Ready to operate, single vessel with 75 HP Yamaha 80,000 USD.

5 Year regional exclusivity for your area, required purchase of 2 vessels to include 75 HP Yamaha at, 158, 000 USD 

1) 12,500 USD down payment per boat for all customers. Once the floor and sides of the boat are fabricated into a structural hull and substantiated to the customer, an additional 12,500 USD per boat payment is required by the Buyer.


2) Once the interior and overhead shade rack are fabricated and installed and the boat is ready and sea trial tests at our site has been conducted and found to be satisfactory, there will be a final deposit payment which in whole with the previous installments totals 50% of the sales price to be received at time of shipping of the vessel(s)  and paid by the Buyer to the Seller.

3) Upon Buyer receipt of the vessel(s) and testing of the product with Carafino Clear Boat representatives ,and the vessel is found to be in complete satisfaction to the Buyer, Buyer will make payment in full for the balance owed and take custody of the vessel ownership documentation. All vessels are initially registered in the United States by the Seller and transfer of ownership to the Buyer upon completion of sale. 

4) Currently, lead times are 60 to 100 days dependent upon receipt of deposit and order queue  placement. Lead times are subject to change with advance written notice and do not include transportation transit times. We anticipate to supply 4 to 5 Caraifno Clear Boats per month by January 2024. Our prices will increase by up to 15% the beginning of 2024.

5) All Vessels come ready to operate with a 75 Hp Yamaha Four Stroke outboard. Higher horsepower up to 150 Hp with tiller control arm only, at additional costs. At this time the 150 HP with tiller arm is an additional 11,00.00 per boat.

6) Vessels comes with two year warranty from manufacturer defect. 

7) Vessels comes with a five year warranty from discoloration of the material and is purchased by Carafino Clear Boats with a 15 year UV exterior use warranty from the supplier.  The material is commercial airliner window glass grade PMMA.

• The light transmission will not fall below 85% (test method: ASTM D 1003 when measured using a cleaned and polished flat sample of 1mm thickness taken from the exposed sheet).

• The yellowness index of clear cast sheet will not be more than 10 after a period of 15 years  This value is measured using a cleaned and polished flat sample in accordance with ASTM E313.

Duration of Guarantee

This material guarantee begins the day of purchase to the end-user and expires upon the date of purchase five years thereafter, or from any accidental chemical contact with the material, intentional or willful destruction to the material, or whatever occurs earlier. Any guarantee claims shall exclusively be determined and governed by this guarantee statement valid on the date of purchase of the boat in question. The material should not come into contact with chemicals and if accidental contact of chemicals occur, the area in contact with the chemical should immediately be neutralized with water and cleaned according to the chemical instructions. For surface contact with chemicals, a light sand and polish should restore the material to clear transparent presentation as when purchased new. Prolonged periods of contact with chemicals may cause the chemical to impregnate deeper into the substrate, requiring a deeper sanding to remove the contaminated areas to be restore with polishing to maintain high transparency and clear and high light transmittance.ed and governed by this guarantee statement valid on the date of purchase of the material in question.

 The Carafino Mission Statement is simple, Our goal is your success. 

Sales Terms & Conditions

June 15, 2023

The boat is furnished with, as of June 15, 2023, a 2 year warranty from manufacturing craftsmanship defect. In the event of a defect, We, Carafino Clear Boats must without delay be permitted to inspect the defect and its potential causes on site, or to have another party do so on our behalf.  The area will be repaired. In the event of serious defect, the boat will be replaced at Sellers cost. Carafino Clear Boats assures its Buyer(s) no defect in craftsmanship will occur and in the event of such case, Carafino Clear Boats will incur responsibility with correcting any defect immediately after accessing the cause of defect. The warranty is void if the boat strikes any object floating or land based and or the boat runs aground hard in sand, mud, reef, or other object floating on the surface to include the dock, mooring ball lines, buoys, logs, or debris causing damage to the structural integrity of the boat. Once an order has been place and fabrication process has commenced, there is a no cancellation policy of the deposit for materials and labor. A "deposit" is defined as a payment due prior to processing the commencement of work orders. There is a 60 to 100 day lead time to complete all boats prior to shipping. Most boats are completed within 45 to 90 days maximum. This time frame does not include transit delivery times. Upon delivery of the boat(s) to the Buyer, the Buyer and Seller (Carafino Clear Boat Representative) will inspect the boats for customer satisfaction. The Buyer and Seller will sea trial the vessels for operational satisfaction and acceptance to the Buyer. In exchange for the custody transfer documentation of the vessel, the Buyer shall make final payment to the Seller and take custody of the boat(s). The boat(s) are accepted strictly on the condition that Buyer has inspected them, and found them to be satisfactory, or suitability for Buyer or End Users purposes. Seller will assist Buyer to the extent necessary for Buyer to take custody of the boats for transit to the Buyers or End Users commercial operating area after delivery. Any unforeseen costs or additional expense are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. In the event Buyer or Sellers obligations may be significantly delayed because of events outside the control of either party, such as Force Majeure (for which Buyer or Seller are effected), they shall not be in breach of this agreement and shall facilitate alternative means to advance finalization of this sales agreement if and when so possible.

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