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Carafino Clear Boats
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Carafino Clear Boats For Sale
Carafino Carafino

Designed and fabricated  as a commercial tourism work boat for generating you return on investment boating.

Near Shore Aquatic Tourism Equipment.

Our goal is your success.

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Available 2024

Old & Existing Design

The existing Clear Boat Hull designs on the market were never developed with the intention of passengers entering the water and reentering the boat from the water. As the demand for expanding the current clear boats on the market into a "snorkel excursion" boat was realized, it presented a huge liability to the safe operation of guests re-boarding the vessel while at anchor or adrift.


A layman solution was developed by constructing a boarding ladder that locks into the overhead canopy and or hangs off the side of the boat. The concept was to allow guests to climb out of the water, into the boat at the middle of the boat. However, this concept has not been successful and many guests who were not agile have slipped their leg or body through the step and between the ladder and the boat, causing injury. This maybe perhaps why no public video footage can be found of passengers re-entering the boat from the water.


Carafino 2024 has solved this liability by designing a small swim platforms at the transom of the 2024 Carafino Clear Boats, permitting guests a safer and easier method of re-boarding the vessel from the water.

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CarafinoClear Boats

The new 2024 Carafino Clear Boat board plateform concept is revealed to assure out clients that the importance of  operational practicality are methodically thought out in all our design approaches.

Model length  24' & 30'

Engine size ranges from

75 HP to 200 Horse Power Engine

Carafino Clear Boat
Transparent Boat Design Carafino

We offer three options in two model lengths beginning in occupancy of 18 passengers +.   Our largest model of the fleet will be 30' for 24 passengers with 200 Hp outboard.  Excluding the Bare boat model, our line of boats come with overhead stainless steel canopy for shade and optimal viewing, blocking sun glare from striking the see through floor. Additional equipment is included.  All models are designed for near shore coastal sightseeing operations.

Boat Pricing

24'Bare Boat

No Trailer, No Engine,

No Canopy. 18 person

capacity or 3000 LBS.

24' Model

Complete with electric start engine, overhead canopy,  navigation lights, safety gear- inquire costs

30' Model



Additional Costs

Sales Options


Prices Subject to Change


Exclusivity Options

Carafino Clear Boats Exclusivity Options


Carafino Clear Boat Single Purchase

You become the main attraction in your operational area, garnering huge attention and profits with the possibility of a competitor purchasing one or more Carafino Clear Boats in your market space.


 Carafino Clear Boat Purchase of 2

You contractually own the exclusive Carafino Clear Boat operating rights in your area 30+ miles out from your operating location. Locking out any Carafino Clear Boat competition from your market space.


Carafino Clear Boat Purchase 3 or More

You are the regional sole and exclusive operator of Carafino Clear Boats with the option to represent the product as the regional distributor.

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Carafino Clear Boats

My name is:

Christopher M Carafino

I love what I do and do what I love.

So should you.

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About Our Passion

I am an innovator who has devoted my life to creating solutions to problems on a global and domestic scale driven by a "Blue Ocean Strategy" mindset with the intentions of  "Category king" success for others. Developing basic improvements to day to day operations or permanent practical solutions that add value to various operations has always motivated me. However, I  continue  returning to aquatics and aquatic equipment development, because it keeps me young, happy and innovative. I love the ocean, white sandy beaches, blue clear waters, surf, sea and sun... and it is a great feeling to be tan, rested and ready and I appreciate people who value the same.

The ocean is my  church and playground since a child, physically, mentally and spiritually cleansing my soul from the monotony of life's demands.


I have garnered my seamanship experience and hull design skills as a boat captain in Hawaii, the apex of watermen research and development training grounds. I am a United States Coast Guard Licensed Officer of vessels not more than 100 Gross Tons, to include Master Near Coastal of Aux Sail vessels since 1991, out of Honolulu sector, with additional civilian and military recognized endorsements. I am an avid catamaran sailor, kitesurfer, big wave tow in surfer, diver, free diver, snorkeler, swimmer and free spirit.


I invented the discipline of hydrofoil boarding and hydrofoil kitesurfing on Maui in 1999, because I wanted to out of passion for sharing the experience with others. Delivering the first production hydrofoil boards to the market  in 2000. Currently, all of the leading brand name hydrofoil board products on the market today, have  incorporated numerous Carafino design aspects from the original Carafino hydrofoil board products I innovated twenty years ago.


The business of tourism, in making guests (tourists)  experience the true Aloha Spirit of feeling the warmth of being welcomed and providing Hawaiian Tropic memories to the guests that will last them a lifetime, is a quality that is second nature for me from my time working as a Waikiki Beach Boy.  From surfing the biggest waves in Hawaii and the longest waves the world offers, to traveling the globe and experiencing the many oceans, cultures and colorful people of our great planet. I believe there are few greater pleasures than feeling truly welcomed wherever you visit. It is with "Spirit of Aloha" that I design the Carafino Clear Boats for the tourist of the world to experience. I also understand how important it is to have professionally tailored equipment in an ocean environment. Equipment you can trust and confidently know the performance to be at the level of professional. I know the importance of utilizing  equipment as the responsible in charge for the safety and lives of others. The importance of this project is not about a fast sale but ensuring that everything has methodically been thought threw regarding  operational safety and simplicity.


I have decades of experience in water sport product design and manufacturing and as a result of those qualities, I know what works. I have lived and worked in Asia for over 15 years, exporting my products and building a sales based relationships all over the world. I am  specifically experienced in all aspects of product designing, engineering, tooling, sourcing, production line manufacturing, logistics and end user relationships. Everything I produce is designed around the product performance and quality demands of Hawaiian waters.


After water sports product design, I was attracted to military defense and identified opportunities to innovate solutions for (Mid East) U. S. Foreign Allies overseas, in 2016. Delivering cost saving permanent solutions for various branches of the military in maritime and the oil and gas sectors for Oman, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia domestic and environmental security. But my passion for tranquility and my love for the ocean brings me back to my fountain of youth, the beach and tourism adventure outings.


Currently, I am fully committed to the process of orchestrating the completion of a fabrication production line to deliver to the world the finest Carafino Clear Boats, designed to suit the safety, comfort and operational practicality that surpasses any other clear boat on the market. 


If you have any questions or would like to know more about me and how I may be able to provide you a product that delivers winning results, contact me directly. Please do so,  I am not always with the phone and prefer you can email me at my personal email, carafinocarafino at the gmail. to arrange a telephone call, or at info@ carafino dot com. I normally reply within a matter of hours.  Respectfully Yours. CMC

 General Vessel Specs

Carafino Clear Boat Models
Carafino Clear Boat Models
Carafino Trailer Boat.jpg

General Boat Specs: 

  1. PMMA Composite High Impact & UV resistant

  2. Vessels *LOA: 18.0 feet, 24', 30'.* LOA = Length Over All 

  3. Vessel Beam: 7.2feet / 2.20 meters

  4. Soft V flat bottom transparent hull

  5. 6 to 24 passengers depending upon model and gross weight of passengers

  6. Ocean conditions shall dictate weight allowance per weather operating conditions in compliance with Maximum Load Capacity.

  7. Dry Weight: 1.3 to 1.8 Tons +/-

  8. Horsepower 75Hp up to 200 HP outboard with tiller control arm steering.

  9.  Fuel Tank Portable 12 to 15 gallons (2)

  10. Battery in weather proof box for Starting Engine.

  11. Electric Start Outboard

  12. Water Fuel Separator 

  13. USCG Compliant Navigational Lights

  14. Overhead stainless rack with shade

  15. ​1 Year Craftsmanship Warranty from Defects

  16. 5 Year Material Warranty from Discoloration 

  17. Marine Safety Equipment

  18. Marine Safety Equipment not included unless otherwise agreed to include Life Jackets, MOB Ring, Strobe Light for MOB Ring, Flares, Fire Extinguisher, Sound Device such as Air Horn, Ground Tackle, etc. etc. Clink link above for detailed reference. 

  19. Carafino Clear Boats are not to be used in far offshore conditions, challenging weather conditions or in very rough deep open waters with commercial passengers onboard.

  20. The Carafino Clear Boats are designed to be a work boat, that carries paying passengers to near shore snorkeling site or other near shore areas where marine aquatic life abounds for viewing through the transparent hull.

  21. Vessels are road transportable on double axle trailer, not included unless otherwise agreed.

  22. Seating design is open left and right side bench seat

Contact / info@carafino . com

WhatsApp +1.808.492.4591

United States Coast Guard issued Manufacturer Identification Code for Carafino Clear Boats Worldwide

 is "C N O"

A Hawaii Registered Corporation

DCCA File No. 248915 D1

Mailing Address:

Seafarers Merchant Mariners Building

707 Alakea Street Honolulu Hi. 96813

Investor Relationships



I understand that my customers want to provide the ultimate aquatic experience for their tourism clients. My Carafino Clear Boats are designed to bring an extra level of unparalleled luxury, comfort, safety and excitement to your water-based activities and daytime getaways. An experience of taking in the beauty of the aquatic world under the boat like no other vessel in the world can offer. My goal is to empower my clients to achieve blue ocean category king status of their market space, by creating for the Carafino Clear Boat customer, a new frontier of aquatic tourism activity that is unachievable without my signature product.

My intention is about inventing a whole new game—defining a new market category, developing it, and dominating it throughout the world over time.

I don't make and sell boats, I create success.

C M Carafino

Confidence is created by experience, relationships and capabilities that when combined correctly,

create success for everyone involved.

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